Old Meets New

In the late 1800s, Thomas Edison introduced the phonograph, and just like that, life had a soundtrack.

We came across this very interesting  iPhone Gramophone which borrows the iconic speaker horn from those early machines to amplify sound with the power of pure physics. With a clean the solid walnut dock, and the metal horn will boost its volume by three to four times, with no need for electricity. (Be sure not to tell Mr. Edison!)

This elegant functional piece gives a sense of character & aesthetics in any room.  Price wises it’s somewhat on the higher side running you $299 available by Restoration Hardware.

Re-branding from Old to New

Updating the Old to the New is a design philosophy Persius Creative Agency emphasizes with many clients with well-established power brands in various Industries needing a fresh re-brand of their company identity yet keeping it’s core character.

Evolution is Inevitable.

If your company is operating the same way today as it did when it was first launched, then you are stagnant, which means you are losing business. Change is very important. Whether it is a complete overhaul or a few adjustments, every company can stand a bit of improvement.

View our branding portfolio, for Prices for branding & identity vary for each project. Contact Persius Creative Agency today to get your company out there in the most effective way possible.

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