Aesthetics of Design & Integrated Craftsmanship

At Persius Creative Agency we appreciate true beauty in many things, but nothing takes our breath away quite like a carefully created design, brought to reality with dedication, passion, planning and execution. When the end result draws a unanimous response, the creation has achieved it’s goal.

That which is beautiful is increasingly troublesome to come by in a world where a premium is placed on speed, and things are made to be quickly disregarded.  Real craftsmanship is often sacrificed at the expense of time & budget.  Although most are capable of recognizing the value of developing with an expert, many often choose the cheap and easy route instead. With this route they often spend more overall due to maintaining a weak foundation upon which they’re company was built.


In today’s online environment, websites have become complex and content-rich. In order to be effective, they must provide a great user experience, effortless functionality, and integrated design elements. Firstly, what is the purpose of a website in laymans terms? A website must aim to present a business or service with professionalism and high value, to inspire trust and confidence, and to provide the user with an engaging experience.  This experience must be communicated through relevant content, useful information, and brought together with high functionality and aesthetics.  What used to be a one way static medium in advertising, has evolved into a very detailed, dynamic and social experience which in turn highly demands the true harmony of form and function to stay engaged.

Our specialty at Persius Creative Agency is producing a strong foundation based on the intergration of our 6 Key Principles. We utilize & design such content management systems (CMS) as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, 3D Cart, Searchfit, among others to engage your audience and clearly communicate your company goals.


Please contact us to discuss your next project, whether its a new company identity, a new website or a re-design of your current content, we would be happy to show you how Persius Creative agency can help you on your journey to effectively utilize and grow your company or service.

Image from Lee Jae-Hyo: A famous Korean artist and sculptor.  Lee works primarily with wood, steel, stone and nails, creating incredible organic-feeling sculptures with textures you just want to touch. In the mind-blowing series of wooden sculptures below, Lee creates giant spheres that are perfectly round and sanded. The process is meticulous creating these larger than life globes on interlocking pieces of wood. The end-result are these imposing wooden spheres, with different cuts and angles of wood forming the outer layer.

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