Project Overview

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Be Hive of Healing Newsletter

Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center offers a variety of Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Services to a large list of sophisticated patients. Their innovations in Alternative and Integrative Medicine have placed them among the leading experts in the field. With an abundance of knowledge and a desire to share their great information with their patients and friends, Be Hive of Healing was in need of an effective avenue to support Health and Well-being, share great information, and to engage their audience. We knew that the Be Hive of Healing is incredibly special so it was our task to share their story in a professional manner matching their true essence.

Our Solution

After a thorough Discovery Process we decided to Re-design & re-develop the Be Hive of Healing Website. We kept a strong focus on sharing the clinics’ strengths, while engaging the audience with a simple and aesthetic layout and an array of integrated web features. We implemented Media and Resources pages which contained a video and audio gallery, healing recipes, healing quotes gallery, and direct links to new patient forms and newsletter resources. We also created a direct link from the site to the Be Hive of Life Supplement store which was previously developed by Persius Creative Agency.

Our next step was to create a Monthly Online Newsletter for Be Hive of Healing’s founder and head physician, to share his amazing approach to healing. Each issue contained 2 featured articles, inspirational quotes, health tips, supplement information and more. The newsletter was connected to Google Analytics and social media sharing platforms, which allowed for easy tracking and campaign management. The online newsletter was a great success and is still being issued each month by Be Hive of Healing to thousands of subscribers.

The success of the email marketing campaign created our next step of implementing the offline newsletter, which allowed patients to gain access to the information during their visits at the clinic and through direct mail. Be Hive of Healing currently shares their newsletters with over 5000 viewers each month, which consistently drives traffic to their Events, Online Supplement Store, Website, and Medical Center.

The final step of our strategy included optimizing all of the content on the Be Hive of Healing Website to ensure the highest visibility by the Search Engines. We believe the consistency of the content, carefully communicated with search engines in a simple and organic manner, is the best way to place a solid foundation on any company or professional website. Through diligent research and understanding of the keywords and a finely tuned campaign, we successfully placed Be Hive of Healing at the top of search engines for such strong keywords as Integrative Medical Center (Los Angeles location), which is a currently a very active and widely growing area of the wellness industry.

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