Project Overview

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Our clients at Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical Center are expanding and growing everyday. With that growth and large audience, they had a desire to provide their educational, entertaining and informative newsletter articles, through an integrative medical and well-being journal for their patients, friends and colleagues.

The collection of articles were filled with time-less information about healing, nutritional tips, health supplements, spiritual growth and everything under the sun to calibrate a reader’s mind, body and spirit. Everything we consider to be the makings of a beautiful magazine design and eventually a movement in the fields of integrative medicine and spiritual psychology.

Our Solution

Our approach to bring together our client’s collection of articles and present them in the most visual way possible led to creating a digital or print magazine. We conducted a thorough discovery of the options available and decided to create a full color magazine called MegaZEN Well-being Journal. We also looked into the pros and cons for doing a print vs. digital and found that for our client and his direct contact with his patients and contact, the print version would be the best option.  Through a busy and exciting few months, we worked with our photographers, editors, designers, art directors, writers and advertisers and created the 70 page premier issue of MegaZEN. The success of the first print issue led us to create another issue for sale in 2014 as well as a digital issue for apple ios, Google play and amazon kindle which are currently being developed by the Persius interactive design team.

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