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Pivot Incorporated provides customized training and mentoring that empowers clients with tangible principles and practices which taps their true strengths and enables them to be the best versions of themselves—at work and at home. They provide transformational workshops, training and coaching for corporate leaders, women in the workplace, entrepreneurs, and spokespeople.

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Conscious Web Design for a Targeted Audience

Pivot Incorporated partnered with Persius with a goal to reach a dynamic and highly conscious audience in pursuit of achieving self-mastery. Beginning with a strategy for implementing a new website, Persius conducted thorough discovery on the unique demographic and how to creatively approach an industry which is quite conservative.

Our design team laid the foundation by integrating the hues and elements of the new brand into a clean and responsive design. Supplemented by custom web copy, each page guides the user through the history and services offered by Pivot Incorporated while engaging them to take part in a variety of upcoming events and programs.

Public Relations Web Design Case Study

E-Commerce w/ Seemless Event Registrations

To enhance and facilitate Pivot Incorporated’s monthly virtual events, Persius took standard e-commerce capabilities and supercharged them by adding secure registration for all upcoming events, as well as auto-integration of paid webinars utilizing GoToWebinar. Along with customer notification emails, reminders and easy event management tools, Pivot Incorporated has lowered administration time to a bare minimum, which liberates them to further focus on their company goals, clients and campaigns.


Engaging & Growing the Newsletter Audience

To highlight the various upcoming events, news and resources being offered by Keenan PR, Persius devised an ongoing newsletter marketing campaign which seamlessly enrolls users into a growing subscriber list. Keenan PR’s monthly campaigns have seen some of the industry highest user engagement rates resulting in successful webinar registrations and a captive and growing audience.

“The Persius team is a creative force. To have that talent supported by solid business processes makes them the best Web design agency I’ve hired over my 20-year career. The end result is a beautifully branded, integrated website with e-commerce and marketing support beyond my high expectations. This is the kind of work that can only come out of a truly conscious business—one that includes creative genius, dedication to one’s craft, and a deep love of what you do. That’s Persius Creative Agency. And they have my highest recommendation for web design, branding and interactive marketing services.

Heathere Evans

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