Project Overview

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Un Mundo de Amigos (UMDA) is a preschool in Long Beach California. They provide a world-class preschool education to children living in under-served areas within the city of Long Beach, and the best part is, they do it for free.

Having this great needed service in the community gets UMDA a lot of attention and questions about their programs, location and enrollment process. With the great results they were producing, UMDA was in need of a website to serve as the central hub of information for the preschool and it’s target audience. In addition they wanted to ensure that all phone and mobile devices are able to access and view their website appropriately.

Our Solution

We began our discovery by researching the online presence of leading preschools and child related services. We quickly found most of them to be too professional and not fun, or too fun and not professional. Our goal was clear; find a happy balance of those two elements and make sure the new website is not only a great experience for the viewer, but also for UMDA administrators who would be using the great online tools to increase their visibility.

With that in mind we created a fun, professional and fully functional website layout which informs the viewer in the most efficient way, while being fun and happy to portray the pure love UMDA has for its’ students. We then integrated an interactive calendar of events, social media sharing, photo gallery, appointment center and news blog to provide UMDA with all the necessary tools to effectively reach their audience. We completed the development process by making the UMDA website responsive to all mobile devices (ipad, iphone, android).

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