Project Overview

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Vital Changes Acupuncture & Nutrition is a successful wellness center in San Diego where visitors are provided a variety of healing services including  traditional acupuncture, functional medicine, cold laser therapy, Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture, Master Tung’s Magic Points acupuncture and a variety of nutritional services. With a strong track record and good reputation they were looking to gain more patients while finding the best way to keep their current patients satisfied and referring business. Despite their great track record offline and great directory presence online, Vital Changes was missing a recognizable brand and a clear message about the company. Their current website had the information but needed to be heavily updated in form, functionality and cohesion.

Our Solution

We began our approach by focusing on creating a strong logo and company message to separate Vital Changes from the hundreds of acupuncturists and nutritionists in San Diego, and appropriately portray them as experts in the integrative acupuncture and nutrition fields which work together in achieving optimal health and wellness. Upon creating the new logo it was integrated in cohesion into business cards, appointment cards and referral cards which would help in the offline marketing of new, current and potential patients.

We then created an elegant and responsive website with a feminine touch to embrace the blend of natural medicine, Vital Changes practitioners and the newly designed brand. We created a page to familiarize the user with the practitioner and a newly organized list of offered services with direct links for appointment booking and referrals for each service. We integrated social media and a news blog, and developed newsletter signup and e-commerce capabilities, which allow Vital Changes to engage patients and book multiple sessions in custom packages.

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