Professional Magazine Design – Print vs. Digital

Print Design vs Digital Design

Which is Better For You?

Persius Creative Agency recently finished the magazine design for MegaZEN Well-Being Journal. While discussing the possibilities with our client, we began to look a little deeper Although print magazines are slowly decreasing in the market, the quality of the remaining ones has improved significantly. In addition the decrease of print magazines has added a special value to magazines which are still printing like WIRED magazine, as it provides us with a tangible thing to hold and actual pages to flip.

It is our prediction that paper books and magazines will become a classic tradition and increase in price and value, as technology takes many away from print. Read more about the benefits of print magazine over digital

When it comes to having a magazine for your business, clinic, or industry in general, the benefits are nearly unlimited. Whether it’s designed for print, web or both, the magazine is a great way to reach and share your message with your audience, create an opportunity for your reputable colleagues to advertise, bring together exceptional network of professionals to share their message and much more. Each business small or large can benefit from a monthly, quarterly, or even annual publication to keep their audience updated, informed, entertained, and most importantly engaged.

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